Chinese Medicine


Treating the whole person and preventing disease is the beauty of Chinese Medicine


Though people often become devoted to Chinese medicine because they see dramatic improvement in their symptoms, the practitioner is always seeking to discover what underlying disharmony is causing the symptoms and to treat the "root cause" to prevent recurrences.


By treating the subtle imbalances in the body with acupuncture and herbs, we address problems before disease or pain conditions have a chance to manifest.  When QI (life energy) flows smoothly and yin and yang energies of the body are balanced you are less likely to get an illness and able to quickly recover.


The body and mind are not mutually exclusive; the condition of one can affect the health of the other.


My Approach to Treatment


My approach is client centered.  When dealing with my own health issues I sought out practitioners with the capacity to listen and understand my needs while also being thorough, educated, skillful, and emphatic.  This is what I strive to be for my clients.


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